EECS 148 Introduction to Computer Networks

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Course Policies

Problem Sets:

  • All assignments will be posted on the web page.
  • Problem sets are assigned weekly, and are usually due one week later. They are due at the beginning of class, and must be turned in either in lecture or to the instructor's mailbox in ET416.
  • No late homework will be accepted.
  • Some problems on the problem set will be graded based on effort, but not on the correctness of the answer. Other problems will be graded based both on effort and on the knowledge demonstrated. It will not be announced beforehand which problems fall into which category.
  • Graded problem sets will normally be returned one week after the due date, and will be placed in a folder outside the instructor's office (ET544D). Solutions will be normally available at the Engineering Copy Center, for a fee, when the problem sets are returned.
  • Your lowest homework score will be dropped at the end of the quarter.

Grading Policy:

Letter grades are based on the instructor's evaluation of your demonstrated performance in the course. An overall score in the course will be calculated using the following weighting:
  • Problem Sets (25%)
  • Midterm (30%)
  • Final (45%)

No absolute scale will be used in assigning letter grades to each overall score. Instead, the instructor will use his judgment to decide what letter grade is appropriate for each overall score range. The instructor reserves the right to override this policy in individual cases where the student has demonstrated mastery of the material on the final, but this is rare.

All grades (problem sets, exams, and the final course letter grade) will be available through

Course Text:

Reference Texts:

  • Computer Networks, Andrew Tanenbaum, Prentice-Hall. (publisher, UCI reserve)
  • Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, Larry Peterson & Bruce Davie, Morgan Kaufmann. (publisher, UCI reserve)
  • High-Performance Communication Networks, Jean Walrand & Pravin Varaiya, Morgan Kaufmann. (UCI reserve)
  • Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, James Kurose & Keith Ross, Addison-Wesley. (publisher, UCI reserve)
  • Communication Networks : Fundamental Concepts and Key Architectures, Albert Leon-Garcia & Indra Widjaja, McGraw Hill. (publisher, UCI reserve)
  • Data and Computer Communications, William Stallings, Prentice-Hall. (publisher, UCI reserve)

Policy on Academic Honesty:

  • UCI Policy on Academic Honesty
  • On problem sets, you are strongly encouraged to work in groups to discuss your approach to solving each problem, but you must work individually in progressing from that point toward the solution. You must turn in only your own work. Use of any solutions from any source other than a student's own work is considered plagiarism.

Add Drop Policy:

Attendance Policy:

  • Attendance at lectures and discussion sections are voluntary. However, students are responsible for all material covered in all lectures, and the instructor will not provide notes.
  • To be respectful to your classmates, please turn off cell phones when in the classroom, and avoid discussion that is not part of classroom activity.