EECS 148 Introduction to Computer Networks

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Useful Networks Links

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Online Networking Textbooks

The Network Book, Y. Yemini

Internet Protocols

The Internet Engineering Task Force
Internet Protocol Specifications
Differentiated Services

Internet Topology & Measurement

Internet Traffic Report
Internet Topology
Historical Internet Topology
Historical Internet Topology
Internet Tomography
Number of Internet Hosts
Number of Internet Users
Internet Performance
Internet Weather Report
Root Nameserver List

Networking Bibliographies & Other Lists

Network Bibliography
Standard Papers on the Foundations of Networks
Computing Research Repository (CoRR)
QLD Online
Telecoms Virtual Library
TechFest Library

Technical Societies

IEEE Communiations Society

Technical Magazines (access from UCI hosts only)

IEEE Spectrum
Communications of the ACM
IEEE Communications Magazine
IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine
IEEE Network Magazine

Technical Journals (access from UCI hosts only)

IEEE Publications
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
ACM Publications
ACM Wireless Networks
ACM Mobile Networks and Applications
ACM Computer Communication Review
ACM International Journal of Network Management
Computer Networks (Elsevier)
Performance Evaluation (Elsevier)
Queueing Systems (Kluwer)
Telecommunication Systems (Kluwer)
Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences (not avail. online)

Technical Conference Proceedings (access from UCI hosts only)

IEEE InfoCom
IEEE GlobeCom
ACM MobiCom
ACM SigMetrics
ACM SigComm

Networking Magazines


White Papers

Traffic control and QoS in IP networks
Web ProForum Tutorials

Writing Technical Papers

Writing Technical Articles

Networking Policy

Telecommunications Act of 1996
Computers & Information Activism