EECS 148 Introduction to Computer Networks

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Problem Set #6

** NOTE: The "Walrand 2nd ed." problems are in your textbook.

Walrand 2nd ed. #3.6:  In figure 3.24, if "D,E" appears in the diagram, then change this to "E".

Walrand 2nd ed. #3.7: Only calculate shortest paths using node A as the source.

Walrand 2nd ed. #3.10: In (a), first find the quickest path from the source to each individual destination. Then add up the delays, only counting the delay on each link once, e.g. a link used to get to 2 destinations only counts once in the sum. In (b), find a set of paths to use that result in a lower total delay than you found in part (a).

Walrand 2nd ed. #6.2:

Walrand 2nd ed. #6.3:

Walrand 2nd ed. #6.4:

Walrand 2nd ed. Appendix A #8: