EECS 129B & 189B Contemporary Issues

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Course Policies

The policies of EECS 129B and 189B apply.

The network neutrality assignment will be graded, and will contribute toward your overall course grade, with a weight according to the policy of your course instructor. Participation in a lab section during 1/24-1/26 will also be a component of your grade.

Course Text:

Policy on Academic Honesty:

  • UCI Policy on Academic Honesty
  • On the net neutrality assignment, you will work in a small group. The group is responsible for making sure that every member does their fair share of work, and the group will receive a single grade. You will be encouraged to read many sources of information, including many on the web. However, plagiarism from any such sources is a violation of the policy on academic honesty.

Attendance Policy:

  • Attendance at one of the lab sections (see here) is mandatory, in the sense that participation will be a component of your grade.