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Books borrowed from Dr. Chou

Name Check out date Purpose Status
Programming Perl


Learn Perl Not read recently
The Unified Modeling Language User Guide


Study UML to find ideas on high-level modeling and understand JPL design Not read recently
Sixth Intl' Work shop on Hardware/Software Codesign


Read paper "Combining Multiple Models for Computation for Scheduling and Allocation" Not read recently
Linear Data Manual Volume 1: Communications


Study I2C Not read recently
Programming with Constraints: An Introduction


Study CPL Not read recently
Introduction to Algorithms 9/26/00 Graph algorithms Active
Java Developer's Resource 2/9/01 UI programming Active
Core Java Foundation Class 2/9/01 UI programming Active
The Java Virtual Machine Specification 2/9/01 Have a look Active
Postscript Language Tutorial & Cookbook 3/5/2001 Generate postscript files from gui Active