Name Function Source Screenshots
Schedule Selector This tool implements the two schedule selection algorithms (greedy, dynamic programming). ss_man.tgz


manual, auto
ImpacctPro This tool supports high-level modeling of the system architecture, tasks, real-time scheduling, power management, co-simulation, and profiling. impacctpro.tgz main window, sdw1, sdw2
Mission Simulator High-level mission simulator (not fully implemented yet) n/a main window

Python Scripts

Name Function Source Code
Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) encoder and decoder The program takes a symbol (eg., '6') as an input and generates a corresponding one second long DTMF tone, sampled at 44,000 16-bit samples/sec, and saves the signal as an MS Windows WAV file.
Successive Approximation Algorithm N-bit A/D conversion of an analog input value in range Vmin~Vmax.
2-way Partitioning Heuristics Input is a graph G=(V,E) where V represents nodes (eg., processors) and E represents the edges (eg., communicationload). Output is two equal size partitions, optimized in 7 different ways.


Mealy2Moore Algorithm that converts a mealy FSM to moore FSM.
Scheduler Implementations of Earliest Deadline First (EDF) and Rate Monotonic (RM) Scheduler.

t_edf.dat, t_rm.dat

Encryption/Decryption Algorithm for Distributed Sensor Nodes The input is the number of sensor nodes N and a binary string S as a cipher. The algorithm generates N binary strings for each node, where at least 3 of them could derive the original message.
Ray tracing algorithm This script generates an image using ray tracing for a simple scene
Z-buffer algorithm Implementation of Z-buffer Algorithm


Name Function Source
Material to RGB This program reads a material file, calculate XYZ and rgb values for each pixel, and create corresponding r,g,b image files (rough homogenous model).


gold.dat, xyz

last updated on Sat, Nov 13, 2004