Integrated Management of Power Aware Computing and Communication Technologies

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Project Title Organization PI name
Power Aware Architectural and Compilation Techniques Northwestern Univ. Prith Banerjee
Power analyzer for pocket computing Univ. of Mich. Trevor Mudge
Integrated Power Management -Land Warrior USC Massoud pedram
Power-Adaptive Microarchitecture and Compiler Design Univ. of Arizona Rajiv Gupta
Compiler optimization for Power Aware computing Georgia Tech. Vincent J. Mooney
Power Management for Real-time Systems Univ. of Pitt Rami Melhem
A Performance On-Demand Approach to Power Efficient Computing Univ. of Rochester David H. Albonesi
Power Aware Computing Engines MIT Krste Asanovic
Power Aware Multiporcessor Architecture USC Stephen P. Crago
PicoNodes for Sensor networks UC Berkeley Uan Rabaey
Power Aware Wireless Microsensor Networks MIT A. Chandrakasan

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