Professor Pai H. Chou

Mac Tips

  • Problem: I want to move my Mail files to an external hard drive, so I copy “~/Library/Mail” and “~/Library/Mail Downloads” to to the external drive, and then I make aliases of those two folders and put them in my ~/Library folder. However, keeps saying I do not have the permission to modify the folder on the external drive (e.g., “/Volumes/HD/Mail” and “/Volumes/HD/Mail Downloads”), even though I clearly have Read & Write permissions to the entire disk and those folders.

  • Solution: Instead of making aliases using the Finder, you should open a terminal to make symbolic links instead. cd ~/Library ln -s “/Volumes/HD/Mail” ln -s “/Volumes/HD/Mail Downloads”

    This should do it!

Mac-related page

MacOSX - essential websites

MacOSX - essential software list

  • Open Source Mac - free, open source software for OS X
  • Programming / unix
    • readline (for OSX 10.3) (earlier) fix for python (enables you to backspace and use emacs keys to edit python code in interactive mode)
    • SSH public/private key setup so you don't have to type password each time
  • "Office" alternative
    • NeoOffice/J -- fast becoming a viable free-alternative to Ms. Office! Opens/saves most Ms. Office files. Based on OpenOffice source code but no X-Window required. Uses OSX fonts, cut/paste transparently, works with Asian characters and input methods, supports ruby
    • OpenOffice for OSX (requires X11)
  • Browser
    • Camino (formerly Chimera, special version of Mozilla with OSX native GUI), plus SpeedChimera (to accelerate Chimera)
    • PDF plugin (handles Postscript and EPS too if you have Ghostscript installed)
  • LaTeX
    • teTeX-Mac (typesetting engine with PDFLatex)
    • TeXShop (editor-previewer that works with pdfTeX)
    • Unicode and CJK latex in pdfTeX
  • X-window system
    • OroborOSX (window manager with Aqua look)
      from this website also get XFree86, and Jaguar xterm update if you use OSX 10.2.
    • TGIF (2D vector drawing program for X window)
  • Presentation and Illustration
    • Keynote (professional presentation software, makes PowerPoint look like kindergarten)
    • OmniGraffle (diagram drawing tool, free version limited to 20 objects)