In our research group we have developed two novel time domain techniques for the simulation of electromagnetic field.

The first technique relay on the analogy with a mechanical model for the solution of Maxwell's equations. Electromagnetic phenomena can be simulated by the dynamics of a mechanical system as long as the Hamiltonian of the electromagnetic and the mechanical systems coincide. In this research we developed a generalization of G. F. FitzGerald's pulleys and rubber-bands mechanical model for electromagnetic wave propagation [see our reference paper]. We called this technique the Diaz-Fitzgerald time domain technique (R-FDTD), thanks to his inventor Donald Fitzgerald and Dr. R. Diaz who first implemented numerically.

In the second technique who is called reduced time domain thickened (R-FDTD) we relay on the divergence free nature of the electric and magnetic field to solve Maxwell's equation by using 4 unknown field components instead of the usual 6 used in the traditional FDTD [see our referenced paper]. In this way a memory saving as high as 30% can be achieved without compromising the accuracy of the algorithm.