Equipment description
Vector Network analyzer system HP8510C 45MHz-50 GHz
Anechoic chamber 0.9 GHz -50 Ghz (Include Vector Network analyzer and final report )
Noise figure measurement system 45MHz-26.5 GHz (Include RF generator and noise source)
Two tones intermodulation system 45MHz-50 GHz (Include 2 RF gen. and spectrum analyzer)
Probe station system 45MHz-50 GHz (RF and DC probes not included)
Oscilloscope DC-1 GHz
Spectrum analyzer DC-50 GHz
RF generator DC-50 GHz
High power (25W) RF TWT amplifiers 4-8 GHz and 8-18 GHz
All the rentals are done on a daily basis, when you rent any piece of equipment, we will also provide, at no additional charge, all the accessories needed to conduct your measure, such as RF-cables, hybrids, attenuators, DC-cables, power supply, power meter, low frequency signal generator, RF-transitions and adapters etc. For more information contact Prof. Franco De Flaviis (949-8245631 or email to