EECS 199 is an individual research project that the student carry over one or multiple quarters depending on the complexity of the project and on his effectiveness. Normally 1-4 units per quarter are granted upon the completion of the project. Partial completion of the project unless agreed ahead of time result in to the grade of Incomplete and can be fixed the following quarter upon project completion.

The topic of research must be relevant to engineering or related to software development. Normally students are encouraged to come with their own topic, alternative the topic can be assigned by the professor if the student does not have any particular interest research area.

Below are few project example carried out by students in the past, click on the text to follow the links.

• Broadband antenna design

• Inverted F antenna design for wireless LAN

• Rx data collection for signal strength evaluation in fading environment

• Software development for antenna measurement

• Software development for computer interactive control of flight simulator

• Microstrip antenna design and fabrication