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Application for Student Support

Financial support is available to allow student participation in the conference. You must be registered in advance by September 5, 2003. Please provide the following information to by September 15, 2003

  1. Name, Contact Info
  2. Degree program, Year into the program, research area, thesis title if available, research advisor, advisor contact info
  3. Are you author, coauthor or a presenter of a paper at CODES+ISSS? If so, please list the paper title. Even if you are not, you are still eligible for this application.

Please be advised that the student assistance program consists of conference registration (for CODES+ISSS) plus travel assistance pending availability of funds. Except in rare situations, it will not be adequate to cover the complete cost of conference participation, travel and accomodation. To be eligible, a commitment is needed from your advisor to ensure you will be able to participation in the conference.

Please request your research advisor to provide the following commitment letter (email is ok):

"I commit to provide for needed travel and accommodation support for Mr/Ms. (student name) should she/he be selected for the CODES+ISSS student participation assistance. "

(Advisor name)

The award will be given to the student in the form of a cheque to be picked up at the conference registration desk.